You might not be cleaning your water bottle often enough

health 23/12/2019

We're always looking for ways to be environmentally-conscious. We have KeepCups instead of takeaway coffee cups, have reusable bags for our grocery trips, and refill our reusable water bottles to stay hydrated over summer. 

But while it's great to be helping the environment, some of us may be neglecting to take care of our own health and keeping bad germs at bay.

Microbiologist and senior research officer of Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Dr Celeste Donato, told Bustle that people should look to wash their drink bottles after every use.

“Your mouth can contain viruses and bacteria that can enter your water bottle as you drink and backwash from your mouth goes back into the bottle or from saliva around the rim,” Dr Donato said. And while most of our bacteria won't make us sick, they can under “some circumstances”.

“You touch many different surfaces throughout the day, some of which might be pretty gross such as handrails on public transport and door handles in public toilets, picking up bacteria and viruses on your hands,” she continued.

“These germs can be transferred to your water bottle and ingested, especially if you are touching the pull top on your bottle that you will then drink from directly.” 

It's great practice to put your drink bottle in the dishwasher at the end of the day or scrub it with hot soapy water. 

And for those cracks and crevices, it's good to use a toothbrush to help give it a good clean every now and then.

Source: Bustle