You can now stay in underwater hotel rooms Great Barrier Reef

travel 03/12/2019

Reefsuites, Australia's first ever underwater accommodation, has opened in the Whitsunday Region of Queensland.

People willing to pay at least AU$799 (NZ$838) per night will now be able to sleep with the fishes of the Great Barrier Reef and live to tell the story.

The two 4m deep rooms are part of ReefWorld Pontoon, which is moored at Hardy Reef 40 nautical miles offshore from Airlie Beach and recently underwent a reported AU$10 million upgrade after being damaged in Cyclone Debbie.

Underwater guests can turn on a light to gaze upon the marine life out their windows, apparently including the likes of Māori wrasse, Spanish mackerel and leatherback turtles.

"After dinner, Reefsuite guests can retreat to the privacy of their undersea accommodation. Sit back, relax and watch as the reef comes to life through the floor to ceiling windows," says the Cruise Whitsundays website.

"You'll awake to see the marine life going about another day on the world-heritage listed reef they call home."

The nightly rate includes a scenic cruise to the pontoon, meals, beer and wine, and selected activities. Helicopter rides and scuba diving are offered at additional costs.

This post originally appeared on Newshub.