You can now get Xmas stockings covered with your friends or family's faces

Must See 06/12/2019

If you're after a unique, personalised gift this Christmas, we've got JUST the thing. 

Surprise your friends or family this Christmas with a stocking covered in their own face! They're sure to love it, or at least everyone will get a laugh out of it.

The stockings are available on website Prezzybox, with the description reading:

"Choose a face to be printed all over a festive stocking, fill it with awesome stuff, and watch their face light up as they receive their gifts nestled in a stocking covered in you/them/the cat. The presents are sure to be a disappointment after such excitement, but you've got to try, right."

All you have to do is upload a clear photo of the face you want printed, or you could even get two faces. The stocking is your oyster. 

They do come at a bit of a price though, at $72 NZD a pop! The laughs could potentially be worth it though. 

Check them out here.