You can now get a replica of your own house made entirely out of Lego

Must See 18/12/2019

Now this is pretty cool! An online company called 'LittleBrickLane' is selling house replicas made entirely out of Lego!

Shari Austrian is the woman behind the idea, and based on the response online she's set to make a killing from it.

"Architectural design and Lego construction complement each other so nicely." she wrote on her Etsy account.

"I thank my children for reintroducing me to Lego and my husband for supporting my creative passions. I thank you for allowing me to help build your dreams."

To get your own house made into a Lego replica, you'll just need to provide Shari with plenty of photos... Oh and the cash! Replicas range from $1000 NZD right through to $6000 - depending on the size and work involved.

Despite the hefty price tag, reviewers seem happy with the final product overall.

"We were so pleased with Little Brick Lane and its proprietor. The model, a replica of our beach house, exceeded expectations. The composition, scale and detail were perfect." one wrote.