Woman gets all her pets together for an incredible family photo

Must See 06/12/2019

A woman has achieved the unachievable and taken a picture of all 17 of her pets. 

30-year old Kathy Smith has eight dogs and nine cats, and she somehow got this incredible picture of them altogether.

I was so thrilled when I realised I'd captured this shot - it's like a little family photo.

According to Kathy, the dogs were manageable to get to all sit and look at the camera. But the cats did prove to be a challenge, as you can imagine!

She bribed the dogs, Ruby, Ben, Max, Sheba, Teddy, Rio, Storm and Misha with treats first. Then she placed the cats on but hade to have many takes of them!

Kathy said, 

"I love all of my pets so much so I was really happy when I managed to get them all posing together - despite it not being easy to do.

"I kept trying to get photos of the cats and dogs all together but some of them were always out of frame.

"The dogs will all sit for treats so that was easy enough, but the cats were another matter.