Timeslapse video showing a baby growing into young woman has parents in tears

Must See 02/12/2019

Those of us who have been lucky enough to have kids in our lifetime know the concept of time moving too fast. While raising a child it often seems you take a moment to breathe or blink and all of a sudden another few vital milestones have flown by!

Dutch artist Frans Hofmeester's obviously didn’t want to lose those vital moments so decided to document his daughter Lotte from the moment she was a tiny tot, all the way under she became a young woman - and the video has gone viral thanks to it striking a cord in many parents around the world.

Back in 2012, the Dutch artist went viral as he shared the video of Lotte from her birth right up until she was 12 years old. It mesmerised people then - and now even more so now that the video shows Lotte aging right up until she is 20.