The three most popular Christmas gifts of this year have been revealed

Christmas 17/12/2019

Christmas shopping - do you love it or hate it? While some of us jump at the chance to purchase a special gift for someone close to us, knowing exactly what they would like, others of us struggle for days (even weeks!) picking our brains on what would be a suitable gift for the person.

If you're one of those people who struggle to think of gift ideas, then the results from a study conducted by IT and consulting service Accenture may be a great source of inspiration for you.

Accenture surveyed 1000 consumers about what kind of gift they would love to receive this Christmas, and the results may surprise you.  

#1 - Gift Cards

Of the consumers surveyed 56% reported they would like a gift cards for stores or restaurants for Christmas.

#2 - Clothing and Footwear

It appears that 48% of those surveyed are fashion-forward folk, and would love clothes and shoes for Christmas.

#3 - Toys

Forty-two per cent of those surveyed requested toys for Christmas, whether it be the latest contraption for kids under 5 years, or a rare collectible for the adult Pokémon fan in your life.

Just missing out on being in the top three was 'an experience'. 

Experiences saw nearly 25% of respondents planning to spend more on tickets to concerts or experiences, such as cooking classes, than they did last year.