The reason why planes have ashtrays even though it's illegal to smoke on flights revealed

travel 17/12/2019

It's been illegal to smoke on aeroplanes for years and years, but why do they still make planes with ashtrays?

It seems everywhere you look there is a sign that says how smoking is strictly prohibited - and often an ashtray will be perched right underneath the sign.

Apparently the reason for this is 'just in case'.

Basically if someone decided to disobey the strict no smoking policy and decided to stub the cigarette out in the rubbish bin or on the arm of their seat, it could very easily start a fire on the plane.

After a 2009 British Airways flight to Mexico was grounded when it was discovered there was no ashtray onboard, a spokesperson said “if someone were to light a cigarette on board there must be somewhere to safely extinguish it.”

A fire caused a plane to crash in 1973, killing 123 people… and it was suspected that the fire may have been started by a cigarette.