The Chase's The Vixen reveals she is prohibited from taking her iconic glasses home with her

Must See 16/12/2019

Jenny 'The Vixen' Ryan of The Chase has revealed a surprising fact about the behind-the-scenes of the show which has shocked a lot of fans of the iconic game show.

The Vixen is well-known for her iconic look, her big red hair and the classic cat-eye glasses. But it turns out that we will never see her out on the street wearing her glasses, as she's never allowed to take them out of The Chase studios.

Speaking on the podcast about how The Vixen gets into character, Jenny remarked: "I have to put my outfit on in the same order. It’s sort of a superstition. The last thing I put on is the glasses."

"The glasses which I’m not allowed to take home because they’re far too precious. They are property of ITV. God forbid anything should happen to those glasses."