The Chase's Paul 'The Sinnerman' Sinha reveals he has married his longtime partner

Must See 18/12/2019

The Chase's Paul Sinha has announced that he has married his longterm partner, Olly and admitted that he is 'living the life he want to live' following his Parkinson's diagnosis earlier in the year.

Writing on his personal blog, The Sinnerman said that the wedding was the 'greatest day' of his life.

The celebrations had lots of personal touches, including lyrics to the Pet Shop Boys hit Love Comes Quickly being used as the first reading.

Comedian Paul then entertained his 75 guests with a self-written song and dance number at the reception.

"Halfway through the song, I was thinking, "I am having the f**king time of my life," said Paul. "My clan were meeting his clan, and everything was wonderful in the world."

"Best of all, when I woke up the next morning, I realised: I hadn’t thought about my Parkinson’s once," Paul added.

He discovered he had Parkinson's officially in May this year.

You can read Paul SInha's full blogpost here.