Study finds parents take more care driving with Pavlova than when with their own kids

Must See 13/12/2019

A new study conducted over the ditch in Australia has revealed some startling facts that are extremely relevant for this time of year.

The research, obtained by News Corp from YouGov Galaxy and NRMA Insurance, questioned more than 1,000 Australians to see about their driving skills.

One of their main findings was that parents were more careful when transporting a pavlova in comparison to driving with their own children in the car.

Results show that 77% of men and  65% of women had a high opinion of their driving.

Half of parents said they drove more carefully with children in the car while only 12% said they would be more cautious when driving with a pavlova.  

A total of 20 parents were asked to transport a pavlova, drive with children and drive alone. 

A whopping 95 per cent of the drivers improved their skills and driving when transporting a pavlova in comparison to driving a child, or being alone in the car.

Another 65 per cent had an improvement in their acceleration, 60 per cent were more cautious in braking, and half of those tested recorded a positive change in turning corners.

Forty five per cent recorded a decline in their phone use, and 20 per cent improved their speed.