Scientists discover plants feel pain too and 'scream' when stems are cut or aren't watered

Eco 11/12/2019

Who would've thought that our beloved plants feel pain!? And so much so, that they actually emit an ultrasonic 'scream' if their stems are cut or they aren't watered enough?

According to scientists at Tel Aviv University, plants do just that.

The researchers tested tomato plants and tobacco plants by depriving them of water and by cutting their stems and then recording their response with a microphone placed ten centimeters away. 

In both cases, they found the plants began to emit ultrasonic sounds between 20 and 100 kilohertz, which they believed could convey their distress to other plants and organisms in the immediate vicinity.

When a tomato plant’s stem was cut, the researchers found it emitted 25 ultrasonic distress sounds over the course of an hour, according to Live Science

Tobacco plants sent out 15 distress sounds when their stems were cut.

When the researchers deprived each plant of water, the tomato plants emitted even more distress sounds, 35 in one hour, while the tobacco plants made 11.

Poor plants! Remember to keep them well-watered if you don't want them screaming out in pain this summer.