Pets are better Netflix watching buddies than our partners according to study

Must See 16/12/2019

As nice as it is to share a TV series with your partner and have someone to talk it over with, we can't deny that we love snuggling up with our furry friends just as much (if not more).

And according to a new study from Netflix, we aren't alone. Half of people surveyed said that they binge watch shows with their furry friends rather than their other half or their mates. One in three people even admitted that they have turned to their pooch or kitty for comfort if an upsetting or scary scene comes on.

Apparently different pets have different tastes in shows as well... according to the study dogs like to watch shows like Narcos, while cats prefer shows like Black Mirror. We're not entirely sure how reliable this is though, so don't go blaming us if your pet doesn't like your choice of show. 

It's not all easy watching with your pets though - 44% of those surveryed admitted that they will move position to make their animals more comfortable, and 17% of people have bribed their pets to make them stay and watch longer. Guilty of both to be honest. 

13% of people had even turned a show off if their pet didn't like it - we can't imagine as many would do the same for their partner...