Parents are swearing by 'four-gift rule' that is saving time and money this Christmas

Christmas 12/12/2019

Christmas time can be busy and it can be expensive.

Which is why a lot of parents are going bananas over a relatively new 'four-gift rule' that is sweeping the internet by storm.

The guidelines suggest each child should get four presents, which should be something they 'want, need, wear and read’.

The different categories help parents select a variety of practical and fun gifts, while also giving kids what they want.

Sharing the tip online, Kidspot quoted one mum who said: “I follow this every year and always end up saving a heap of money as well as the time spent wondering what to buy!”

After sharing the list, other parents praised the idea and said they’d be doing the same this Christmas.

This mum commented: “We're going to do that this year. Trying to have a more minimalist Christmas with quality over quantity.”

A third said: “I’m going with… something they wear, something to read and something to do.

A third wrote: “Now we do this in the Santa stocking instead and include want (lego), need (water bottle), wear (socks or pants), read (book or magazine) and an added bonus (kinder surprise egg).”

And some mums even employ the rule for birthdays, with one saying: “I did this for my daughter’s birthday last week.

"It made shopping a whole lot easier.”