Pavlova platter boards become the new party showstopper

Food 23/12/2019

Tasked with the pot luck dessert and have no idea what to bring? Look no further than the best dessert idea sweeping Australasia - the Pavlova Board.

Similar to the grazing platter, the Pavlova Board is strictly for pavlova toppings which guests can custom-make at parties.

The idea got viral attention after Australian cookie company Swish Biscuits posted their Pavlova Board on its Facebook page for their early-Christmas celebrations.

On their board, they had filled a tray with passionfruit sauce, Nutella spread, homemade raspberry sauce, salted caramel, lemon curd, and plenty of fresh fruit, shredded coconut and mint.

"I came up with the idea because I've seen DIY pavlova bars and stations before, but I hadn't seen it on a grazing board where the toppings are actually on the platter/table, which makes it look really inviting and abundant," she said to 7 News.

Hundreds of people have shared the clever dessert platter, calling the idea 'the best' and 'genius' for the summer holidays.

Source: Swish Biscuits