On board gyms introduced by Air New Zealand

lifestyle 05/12/2019

Air New Zealand has teamed up with Les Mills to create a series of free in-flight exercises designed to 'enhance the passenger's experience'.

However, social media users aren't convinced.

Starting in December, all Air NZ international flights will have access to a series of stretches, exercises and meditation techniques hosted on the airline's inflight entertainment system. 

Air NZ's Niki Chave said the airline's partnership with the gym brand aims to provide a full experience for customers, with versionns for Economy and Business Premiere seats. 

"We understand the challenges of flying - some customers want to relax and unwind, while others need to stretch and move their bodies while at altitude," she said.

Les Mills' Diana Mills said the exercises are not about doing burpees and tuck jumps in the aisle.

"This all about demonstrating low-impact, carefully designed stretching and relaxation techniques that anyone can do discreetly in their seat to effectively alleviate any symptoms associated with travelling."

But despite the enthusiasm of the two Kiwi companies, Twitter users have not been as enthusiastic.

One person tweeted: "This looks hella annoying lol." 

Another said "how can you do exercises on a plane if there isn't any elbow room?", while one woman wrote: "I am feeling relieved I won't be enduring this. Air NZ was too expensive to fly with. Going Emirates."