NZ becomes first in the world to trial new-look sustainable Cadbury

Food 23/12/2019

Cadbury is trialling a new paper packaging on its Cadbury Energy chocolate blocks, just to New Zealand shoppers.

The limited-run packaging will be made of recyclable sustainably-sourced paper instead of laminates, foils or plastic; a first in the company's history.

"We will be conducting sampling of the Cadbury Energy blocks so we can hear what local shoppers think of the new packaging and incorporate learnings into future trials," Cadbury released in a statement.

"The paper wrap material is a new technology which hasn't been available before and needs to be proven before it can be adopted across more products.

"This trial is playing an important part in shaping our sustainable packaging approach - not just here in New Zealand, but for Cadbury across the world."

Kiwi shoppers received a free block in Auckland on Saturday as part of the trial for feedback.

"We are committed to making 100 percent of our packaging recyclable by 2025. While Cadbury is enjoyed by millions of people around the world, we're excited to be able to do this innovative trial here in New Zealand," says Cara Liebrock, managing director of Mondelēz International New Zealand.

"With waste being just one part of the lifecycle of a product, we need to ensure the total environmental impact of a packaging material is considered.

"There's no point adopting an alternative packaging material that minimises waste, but has a significantly larger carbon footprint."

Source: FoodBev