Many divided after McDonald's posts 'one-handed meal hack'

Food 11/12/2019

McDonald's Australia has provided a hack to help its customers eat their meals with one hand, but not everyone is convinced.

The step-by-step guide shared to Instagram on Tuesday explains how balancing your burger box on top of your drink creates a plate for your food.

"Fancy a one-handed meal? Simply unfold your burger box to make a fries tray, then perch it on your soft drink," the post said.

To achieve the hack, customers have to order a meal that comes in a box, open its lid and place it on top of a drink with straw in between the box's fold. The fries are tipped into the empty side of the box.

The food giant described the hack as "easy as" and used the hashtag "#MealOnTheGo", but social media users were divided about its effectiveness.

One commenter advised not to do it because their burger fell to the ground and they had to buy another one. Another agreed and said the hack is "invalid" since a burger is heavier than chips.

"The weight of the burger would bend the plastic straw when you try to pick it up, dropping all your food," they said.

But other users were supportive of the hack, and someone claimed they had been successfully doing it "for ages".

While another wrote "this is huge", one user simply wrote: "McDonald's is the best restaurant in the world."

The 'one-handed meal' hack initially went viral in January and resurfaced when McDonald's Australia posted the guide.

This article originally appeared on Newshub.