Home chefs are creating cheese and salami 'gingerbread' houses and they look delicous

Food 17/12/2019

For those who don't have much of a sweet tooth, Christmas baking things like decorated shortbread, trifles and gingerbread houses don't really get the mouth drooling. 

But some savvy home chef shave used their own take on the classic gingerbread house and decided to make a savoury version.

The results are nothing short of epic!

The house is made by using a large loaf of uncut, day-old bread - cut into the shape of a house and then moulded together using toothpicks. Once the basic house shape is assembled, it’s then just a case of decorating it with rolls and slices of all your favourite cheese and deli meats, and then adding some cucumber and tomato garnish for a little garden.

The meats and cheeses are secured using toothpicks - some cut down to size where needed. And just like with a normal gingerbread house, you can let your imagination run wild to create salami roof tiles and streaky bacon front doors.