Girl writes hilarious CV to convince her mum to let her get a puppy - and it works

Must See 16/12/2019

More than anything in the world, teen Kayla wanted a puppy to call her own. But ultimately, each time she asked and pleaded with her mum, she wasn't allowed one.

So Kayla decided to get creative when asking a next time to prove that she could in fact look after a puppy - and this time it worked!

Creating a CV (complete with a cover letter!) to hand her mum, she made sure to outline exactly why she was more than capable to look after a pup.

Her CV included claims of excellent time management skills, 'hella money' to cover the costs of the dog, and the all-important qualities of love and kindness.

Incredibly, Kayla's efforts paid off and her mum gave in to her pleas, allowing her to pick out and buy her very own puppy to bring home in time for Christmas.

The CV:

'Dear Mummy'

'I am writing to express my interest in owning my own pet dog, a male Staffy that is 9 weeks old. I am in the financial and mental state to own this animal. I also possess the abilities and qualifications of an animal owner. I strongly believe I am an excellent candidate for this position.'

'I have excellent time management skills - which I believe to be beneficial for training and exercising the dog.'

'I have hella money - enough to cover the costs of this animal.'

'I am your favourite daughter.'

'I solemnly swear on cheesecake and all things holy to take into consideration the time and expenses of owning a pet.'

'My best quality is love and kindness - and I love you a lot. I also love this dog a lot.'

'Thank you for taking the time to read and consider my application, and I hope to hear from you shortly.'