Former Masterchef judge Matt Preston debuts incredible weightloss

Must See 13/12/2019

It seems like since announcing his departure as a long-standing judge on Masterchef Australia, Matt Preston has been making the most of his spare time by focusing on himself and his health.

While in an interview with Sydney Confidential, Matt revealed that he had in fact lost weight, and candidly spoke about his journey.

"I have dropped a bit of weight and put on a bit of muscle," he revealed.

"I’ve been eating less, mainly plants but not restricting myself from anything. It is about having time, that moment when there are no more excuses," he said.

He added that he'll still indulge in the odd pizza or burger, but it will all be done in moderation.

Matt has also been seeing a personal trainer 4 times a week to help with his weight-loss journey. It's not clear exactly how much weight Matt has lost and even Matt himself doesn't know! He hasn't stepped foot on the scales and currently has no plans to.