Flight attendant reveals heartwarming story about her 'favourite passenger ever'

Must See 17/12/2019

A flight attendant on the airline Virgin Atlantic has shared a gorgeous story to her Facebook page sharing the story of her all time favourite passengers.

She felt compelled to tell the story after a young man, who had purchased a business class seat, gave it up so that an 88-year-old stranger could enjoy it instead.

Writing on her Facebook page the flight attendant said:

"Of the hundreds of flights I’ve operated, I’ve had the pleasure of looking after footballers, supermodels and some Hollywood movie stars but let me tell you about my two favourite passengers EVER! Jack and Violet (I wish she was called Vera or Rose)."

"Jack and his family purchased seats in our upper class cabin for a flight home from New York, but when he got onboard, Jack went and found Violet in economy and swapped seats with her."

She added that they didn't know each other, and Jack simply did it because she was an elderly traveller.

Leah continued: "He then sat on the row of seats directly next to the economy toilets and never made a peep or asked for anything the rest of the flight.

"No fuss, no attention, literally did it out of the kindness of his own heart, no one asked him too."

How sweet! What a wonderful way to spread the Christmas cheer.