Disney host advanced screening of the new Star Wars to terminally ill fan

Must See 03/12/2019

Disney have confirmed that they will provide an advanced screening of the upcoming Star Wars movie for a terminally ill fan.

A hospital overseas requested that the new film, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, be shown in a special early screening for one of their terminally ill patients who is unlikely to live to the December 19 release date of the film.

The patient is tipped to be a massive Star Wars fan, and a deserving recipient of such an honour.

Disney's CEO Robert Iger responded to the hospital saying: “Please provide me with the necessary details and we will certainly try.” Iger later confirmed that the company will be able to share the movie with the fan before the release date.

Lisa Davies, health care support worker at the hospice, said that she was "utter speechless" by the decision.

"We cannot thank Disney enough for confirming that they will be able share the film to fulfil our patient's wish," she said.

"We totally appreciate that they have had to move mountains to make this happen!

“The response from everyone, including the Star Wars community, has been absolutely phenomenal over the last few days. So a massive thank you to every single person that has shared our post and given their time to help make this possible.”

This comes after director J.J. Abrams said that the final movie will give a "cohesive" ending to the nine films.