Couple found $2.7 million while cleaning their house

Must See 13/12/2019

With family coming to stay, Tina and Harold Ehrenberg were tidying their home, not knowing their lives were about to change. 

While sorting through some papers to throw away, Tina came across some unchecked Lotto tickets, so decided to jump online to check them before throwing them out.

To her complete shock, one of the tickets was a winner. 

"We kept checking the numbers again and again," Harold said.

Tina called the winning numbers hotline for the lottery just to be sure, and there was no mistake - the couple had won a HUGE $1.8 million USD, equivalent to $2.7 million NZD. 

Thankfully the Ehrenberg's found the ticket when they did - with 180 days to claim the prize, they had only 2 weeks left to claim it. 

"The most fun is going to be depositing that cheque," Harold said.