You old Pyrex dishes could fetch you some big bucks

Must See 06/11/2019

Know of any old Pyrex dishes sitting in your kitchen cupboards? Well you may just be sitting on a small goldmine as collectors are scrambling to get their hands on some particular makes of Pyrex.

The popular Pyrex brand can be found in all sorts of New Zealand kitchens, with their modern clear glass cookingware and measuring vessels being incredibly popular with Kiwi home chefs.

However decades ago, Pyrex used to sell a wide range of kitchenware in a wide range of patterns and colours, which were hugely popular  around the globe.

The pieces collectors are after were made well into the 80s and feature ‘Promotional Pyrex patterns’  - including the Balloons, Golden Hearts, Rooster Black, Ivy, Celtic Forest and Saxony ranges - that are particularly valuable. Click here to see examples!

But there’s one range that fetches more money at auction than any other pattern, with just one casserole dish fetching $6,000 on eBay.

Image Credit: Ebay

The Lucky in Love Pyrex series is considered rare due to the fact is was only available for an incredibly short time as a promotional piece in 1959. The ‘White Covered Casserole 473 Series’ features pink hearts and green four leaf clovers in the pattern, with a flat glass lid on top - it’s also marked with ‘Pyrex “Made in the USA”’ on the underside.

Experts have confirmed that many people do not quite understand the value of the pattern, with collectors looking at making some big bucks finding the sought-after dishes in op shops and garage sales for just a small fraction of what it is worth.

One antique American expert of the Lucky in Love series: ‘This pattern proved to be a unicorn of sorts, because of it’s rarity, many Pyrex collectors have never seen one in real life. No one is sure how many of these were made, however, if you do find one at a yard sale, they are highly collectible and you should snatch it up as quickly as possible!’