You can be paid $64k to look after two golden retrievers in a London townhouse

Must See 29/11/2019

The ultimate dream job has officially been found. Call off the search.

A job post has gone viral on social media recently, with a well-off London couple advertising for a dog-sitter to be paid a large salary to look after their two golden retrievers. 

The original job ad was posted on Silver Swan Recruitment, explaining that the homeowners are two business people who spend a lot of time abroad, and that they need someone to look after their Knightsbridge townhouse and ensure that their two golden retrievers are well-fed, walked, groomed, and otherwise cared for.

Whoever is lucky enough to land the job will be paid a salary of £32,000 ($64,000 NZD) a year, as well as getting to stay in the couple's six-storey townhouse rent-free! If you have any idea how expensive London rental prices are, you'll know this is an amazing opportunity in itself. 

The job listing reads: "A busy couple are looking for a live-in housekeeper at their six-storey townhouse in Knightsbridge. They are both international business people who travel frequently and have two dogs. This is an informal property and they need someone to keep on top of the house while they come and go and to have sole responsibility of the dogs in their absence."

Other than looking after the pups, the successful applicant will also look after daily housekeeping, light cooking, food shopping, running errands and general management of the property. You do have to have previous housekeeping experience though.

We can't imagine a more ideal job to be honest.