Woman shocked after she spots her recently deceased dad in her ultrasound

Must See 22/11/2019

How beautiful!

Shantel, a soon-to-be mum to two, has been left stunned while at the ultrasound of her unborn baby, where her father's face seemingly appeared in the scan.

After her father got to spend years with her firstborn, watching her hit all her milestones and helping her get there, the woman's dad sadly passed away before he had a chance to meet his second grandchild.

The amazed mum compared the picture of the ultrasound with a photo of her dad taken in 2009, after the birth of Shantel’s first child.

The photograph, taken from the man’s right hand side, showed him gazing down at the newborn baby with a smile on his face.

Incredibly, the side-profile image appears to have been recreated in Shantel’s recent ultrasound scan.

Though it may just be a trick of the light, the black and white lines of the ultrasound appeared to form the grandfather’s nose, lips, chin and neck and the mum told Reddit she believed it was indeed her father in the picture.

How amazing! It certainly looks like a pretty clear sign that her late dad is right there with her.