Woman shares 60-second trick to clean your oven without scrubbing

Must See 11/11/2019

It's a cleaning task everyone dreads, because you know you'll never be able to get that same silvery shine back into your oven racks after years of baked on grime. 

An Aussie mum has shared her trick to getting her oven racks sparkling clean with hardly any effort, and it doesn't involve any harsh chemicals or hours of scrubbing. Sounds like an absolute dream. All you need is a bathtub and some laundry washing powder. 

Sharing to the Mums Who Clean Facebook group, the mum revealed her method: she just placed a towel at the bottom of her bathtub, put the oven racks on top, filled the tub with hot water then poured three capfuls of dissolved laundry washing powder over it. Then she left them overnight and her racks were gleaming the next morning!

Another mum in the group was over the moon with the results after trying the method, posting: "To the lady that posted about cleaning her oven racks in the bath tub with washing powder, THANK YOU!!! I have never been able to get mine so clean ever before! I cannot thank you enough for making this daunting task so simple!"

Definitely going to be giving this one a go.