Woman genius 'Christmas tree advent calendar' made out of recycled materials goes viral

Christmas 28/11/2019

A mum's genius idea of using recycled and unused materials from around home as an advent calendar has won huge praise online. The calendar is shaped like a Christmas tree and made out of wood.

The mum shared her handiwork to a Facebook page where her fellow users were quick to praise her work. 

"All made from stuff in the house/shed already (including the light string - has rechargeable batteries in)." she wrote online. "Full of foil-wrapped coins for our 3 children. Three fewer plastic advent calendars! Credit to my husband for making what I described out of our firewood pile."

"What a great idea." one woman responded. "My son is keen to make his own advent calender this year... So I was thinking of little numbered pouches in string!"

Another chimed in calling it "totally amazing!"

We've still got a couple of days until December, so it's not too late to get creative with your advent calendars this year!