Woman covers her entire house in Christmas wrapping paper instead of wallpaper

Must See 07/11/2019

A mum has taken the Christmas spirit to a whole new level after decorating the walls in her house with Christmas wrapping paper instead of wallpaper.

The woman shared the results of her makeover on the 'Extreme Couponing and Bargains' Facebook page...

"Decorating my house and well I can't afford the wallpaper I want right now... I think it's like 36m long wrapping paper, will be my wallpaper til January when I can buy the one I want. Its looks so good! Looks so Christmasy!"

"Yes this is my house it's not fake, and my kids love it! That's all that matters and, I would rather pay $22 for the quality of the paper than $2,$4 for paper that would rip easily."

"I don't care if its awful or tacky, it's Christmas, yeah it's only November to some but there could be a reason it's up early, why judge? I have loads left to, so will be wrapping presents with it to!"

The reaction to her idea has been mixed...

"I did this last year. Doing it again this year, my kids love it!" wrote one mum.

But others thought it was still too early to be getting festive. "Do you actually think it's Christmas now? This a new level of yikes!"

What do you make of the woman's DIY Christmas decorations?