WeatherWatch releases its first ever summer outlook

Must See 27/11/2019

Summer is only a few days away (officially) and if you've found yourself wondering just how summer is going to look where you are in the country, then you will be pleased to know that WeatherWatch has released its first ever summer outlook.

The predictions aren't concrete, but it does show that there will be some big winners this summer and some losers.

Much of the North Island looks both warmer and drier than average, which could lead to Aucklanders facing water shortages again.

"With Australia's drought truly set in it appears the upper North Island of New Zealand is catching some of their high pressure leading to a drying out phase in the North Island," WeatherWatch says in a statement on Wednesday.

"These highs are also increasing the sub-tropical (warmer than normal) airflows over NZ."

However an extra stormy Southern Ocean this spring is likely to continue right through December and maybe January too. At this point the South Island is forecast to be cooler and wetter.

"This, in combination with mild airflows further north, means the South Island may get some heavy rain events on the West Coast and some spillover into Southland and Otago with some cooler air flows out of the Southern Ocean at times."

WeatherWatch thinks there are a few clear winners and losers from this outlook:


  • Great news for campgrounds across the North Island and upper and eastern South Island
  • Most main cities look warmer than normal this summer - many may like that


  • Concerning news for dairy farmers and those who rely on rain water, especially in the upper half of the North Island
  • Auckland City may well have water shortages again, with a call for people to save water (as the water shortage the city had back in winter still hasn't been reversed)
  • Windy weather may linger into January this year for some regions due to an uptick in westerly quarter winds over New Zealand especially from the lower South Island southwards