Turns out that wrapping your Christmas presents badly ensures people will like you more

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If wrapping Christmas gifts isn't quite your forte, then don't stress! Turns out your friends tend to like badly-wrapped presents more than those that are packaged to perfection.

Apparently, those gifts that are perfectly wrapped see people tend to have higher expectations of what the gift actually is, leaving them disappointed if it isn't actually the flashy gift they thought they may be receiving.

However, the same does not apply when giving gifts to acquaintances, who will view sloppy gift presentation as a sign that you do not value them.

The research was conducted by a marketing expert from the University of Nevada.

"When we receive a gift from a friend, we use the wrapping as a cue about the gift inside and form expectations," said Professor Rixom of the University.

"If it's wrapped neatly, we set high expectations, and it's hard for the gift to live up to those expectations."