This laundry hack will unshrink your shrunken clothes

Must See 29/11/2019

Accidentally shrunk your new favourite top so much that it now fits your 3-year-old? This laundry hack is here to save the day in next to no time!

All you need is a sink filled with lukewarm water, baby shampoo and 2 bath towels - easy.

Simply mix the baby shampoo (about a capful) in with the warm water and soak your sadly shrunken clothes in there for a minute or two. Then squeeze the water out GENTLY (don't wring or rinse).

Now lay your clothing out flat on top of one of the beach towels and roll it up so the clothing is wrapped inside. Press on the towel gently to absorb excess water, then unroll the towel. 

Using your second clean towel, lay the damp piece of clothing out again, and use your hands to gently stretch the item out to its original size, then leave it on the towel to air dry.

And that's it! Easy as that, your clothes will be back to their former glory.