Supernanny Jo Frost is coming back with a brand new revamped season

Must See 08/11/2019

Remember the popular TV show Supernanny?

The show followed 'supernanny' Jo Frostas she helped desperate parents with their badly behaved children an aired from 2004 until around 2011.

In the epic trailer, that plays on themes from the movie franchise Taken, you can see Jo as she receives an ominous phone call while seated in the back of a black SUV.

After being told that “the subject has taken matters into his own hands,” she leaves a message inspired by Liam Neeson‘s speech in the Taken film.

"I’m here because I have a specific set of skills. Skills that I have perfected throughout my entire career." she says.

The trailer then cuts back and forth between Frost’s voiceover and her arrival at a home. Upon entering, she finds the residence destroyed - and no one to be found.

"If you listen to me now, this whole situation may turn out different for you," she says on the phone as the trailer cuts to her walking through the house, where she comes across somebody laying on the couch.

"But if you don’t, I will fix that," she tells the individual, revealed to be a young girl.

"Good luck," the youngster replies, narrowing her eyes.

Hopefully the new seasons of Supernanny make its way to our TV screens!