Supermarket shopper goes on hilarious rant about coriander

Food 19/11/2019

Coriander is arguably one of the most controversial herbs out there.

It seems most either absolutely love the herb, or they absolutely loathe it. There's never an in between!

But one Australian woman has taken her hatred of the herb to the next level after shopping at her local supermarket.

In a humourous rant on social media, the woman labeled coriander the 'green devil itself' and has managed to put a smile on every coriander haters face.

Read it below:

‘Feeling healthy I wandered on down to my local Coles and picked myself up a packet of this yummy looking salad and a bbq chook. The quintessential Aussie go to for a quick easy lunch.' she began her post on the supermarket chain's Facebook page.

‘But you ruined me. Like full next level ruined! Coriander! You serious?? Why?? A perfectly delicious looking salad ruined by the green devil itself. If I wanted to eat grass I’d just mung on my lawn out the front.' she wrote.

‘So my healthy lunch turned into a feast of chicken skin and a drumstick..... up your game coles. Coriander belongs in the bin not the salad bowl. #corianderisabigfatno

Katie’s coriander rage struck a nerve with fellow haters of the herb, who voiced their support.

Said one: ‘So glad I saw your comment! I was ready to buy this! Won't now! Yuck! I'll check out the other ingredients though and make it sans the devil's weed!

Added another: ‘Katie it’s all you can taste 🤮’

Said a third: ‘I love coriander...but I soo understand your feelings....It is like the garlic either love them or hate them...and if you cannot stand them..yes, spoils everything else...where for adds to the enjoyment...It is a dodgy item to add to the this product.’

Coles were quick to respond to Katie’s complaint, write: ‘We're sorry to hear that you're not a fan of the coriander in our Pokeslaw. We pride ourselves on the quality of our Coles Brand products and encourage any of our customers who are not 100% satisfied to return the product, empty packaging or their receipt for a refund or replacement. Please be assured that we've shared your feedback with our Merch Team so they're aware.’