Stressed woman reveals her lifesaver flowchart that helps her get through Christmas

Must See 26/11/2019

It's no secret that the Christmas period is a busy one!

Whether you're winding down from work (or ramping up if you're in retail or hospo!), attending work-dos, BBQs, Christmas parties with friends, getting ready for having family come to visit... the list goes on, really!

And among that you still have to do your day-to-day tasks, get your Christmas shopping done and navigate busy supermarkets and petrol stations - it's busy times!

But one woman, who is also a mum, has shared her handy handmade flowchart that helps her keep relatively stress free over the festive period.

Writing for Mamamia, Nama Winston said she was a "chronic 'yes' person", and claims the hand-drawn chart "literally saved" her last year.

She points out that saying yes to a million things brings its own load of stress, including "being on time, working out where we were going, ensuring we had all the gifts/wine we needed to take, and bringing my sparkle constantly for the whole day".

To use Winston's flowchart: When considering an activity or event, ask yourself if it is directly for your personal benefit? If yes, do it. If not, ask yourself if it is for someone who would do the same for you. If no, don't do it.

The flowchart continues on and could be very, very helpful for sorting the unnecessary, chore-like events with the ones you should actually be giving your energy to.