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Steve Hansen addresses mental health in powerful speech at RWC press conference
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Must See

Steve Hansen addresses mental health in powerful speech at RWC press conference

A great message.

All Blacks coach Steve Hansen has given an inspiring speech during a Rugby World Cup press conference, touching on mental health and the big struggle a lot of Kiwis face with it.

"Can I add to that?" Steve asked jounalists, adding to a question that was directed at All Blacks and Highlanders half-back Aaron Smith.

"Because [mental health] is a massive problem in New Zealand, and our biggest problem is we don't give those people that are struggling the permission to say they're struggling," Steve said.

"We think we have to hide it," he continued.

"Our job as parents, as work colleagues, is to support people, but first of all you've got to know that they need the support and to know that you've got to know your people and then you've got to allow them to be vunerale."

"It takes a lot to be vulnerable," Steve continued, speaking to the media. "Because how people react to your vulnerability is going to allow you to do it again or shut you down. So giving them the permission I think is key and then just letting them be vulnerable."

"It's no different in sports, families, or work and we've got to do it better than we've been doing."

The clip from the press conference, shared by the official Rugby World Cup Facebook page, saw the video quickly gain traction online, with many praising Steve Hansen on his impassioned speech that will mean a lot to some people who are struggling with, or have been affected in some way by mental health.

"Huge respect. This is what sport should be about. Well done Steve Hansen for using your platform to spread such a desperately important message. Well done the the ABs for being so gracious and honest in defeat. I have no doubt you'll be back even stronger than ever. What an amazing tournament this has been." one commenter wrote in the comment section of the video.

"such a wonderful thing to say.. hope everyone listens" said another.