Science says wine before bed is an effective way to help us lose weight

Food 22/11/2019

Scientists from Washington in the US have revealed some great news for those of us who don't mind a glass of wine every now and then.

Turns out, having a cheeky wee glass of wine is okay, and in some of us, it can actually help us lose weight - all thanks to a substance called resveratrol.

The compound, found in red wine, was shown to help convert ‘white fat’ into ‘beige fat’, which is easier to burn off. Marie Claire also has reported from a separate study from 2012 that a late-night glass of wine stopped unnecessary snacking. 

There are, of course, better ways to get resveratrol in your system. The benefits of the substance can also be gained by snacking on blueberries, grapes, and strawberries. The fruits are all natural sources of resveratrol.