Research reveals 'a good fry up' is the key to a happy marriage

Food 22/11/2019

There's nothing quite as Kiwi as a good old fry up, complete with bacon, eggs, baked beans and buttery toast - and now it turns out they aren't only good for the tummy, they are good for your marriage!

A survey conducted by hotel company Travelodge is claiming that a good fry up (as well as spending up to five days apart a month) are the secrets to a happy marriage.

More than 2,000 people took part in the poll, which revealed that eight in 10 people who travel for work put their married bliss down to having a break from each other.

And 74% think periods of separation fire things up in the bedroom, the poll found.

There were also many who said a fry up helped ease stress in their marriage.

So whether you're cooking a yummy fry-up for breakfast or having the old 'breakfast for dinner' meal - keep doing it because it's good for your marriage!