Olivia Newton-John's Grease outfit fetches big bucks at auction

Must See 04/11/2019

We all remember that iconic black leather jacket and skin tight pants that Olivia Newton-John donned for the finale of Grease.

The outfit marked Sandy's transition from a good girl high-schooler to a sexy, leather-clad biker chick, when the couple sang You're the One That I Want at a carnival.

Over the weekend it was put up for auction by Olivia, with proceeds going toward her cancer treatment centre in Australia.

And while the buyer of the outfit has not been revealed, the price they paid for the outfit has and it was more than double what Olivia expected.

NZD$631,175 was what the outfit alone fetched at the auction block, with the overall total raised from the auction equalling well over NZD$3,000,000.

The leather trousers were already two decades old when Olivia wore them and had a broken zip that meant she had to be sewn into them.

In an exclusive interview with 60 Minutes, she said that she "limited" what she could eat and drink while filming, adding "those were long days".

Newton-John has asked buyers to send her photos of themselves with the items along with a personal note.

She said selling a large amount of her possessions was a "simplification of my life".