Men annoy women with their 'selective hearing' up to seven times a week, study finds

Must See 04/11/2019

People who have 'selective hearing' can often be some of the most frustrating people in the world!

And new research done on those who have 'it' has revealed some rather interesting facts.

Unsurprisingly, more men have 'selective hearing' than women.

The study from Scrivens Hearing Care explained that typically men use selective hearing seven times a week, while women use it six.

In a year this adds up to about 388 times for men and 339 times for women.

Although the research did uncover that a certain percent did actually have hearing issues.

The research also revealed that around 4 in 10 adults know with certainty that their partners struggle with hearing, and 6 in 10 said their partner listened to TV or music too loudly.

Selective hearing could be a sign of hearing loss, so if you or your partner are experiencing this type of interaction a lot, it’s important to visit your GP and get your hearing checked!