Many are praising ingenious new, natural hack that helps keeps flies away

Must See 21/11/2019

If the weather over the past month or so is anything to go by, it looks like we could be heading ito a long, hot summer!

And one thing about hot weather, is that the flies come out to play. 

And while most of us reach for the chemical-filled flyspray cans when we hear them buzzing around, a new hack discovered by a savvy Australian woman has been praised by many.

The hack sees flies being kept away altogether by all natural ingredients!

Sharing the chemical-free hack on her YouTube channel, Niecy Kriesh revealed that her natural fly repellent is for indoor and outdoor use and ‘doesn’t kill flies, but it keeps them away!’

She says: ‘Surprise surprise..... just tried this as the flies are driving me mad and I feel like my Pa sitting here with a fly swat 😂. Half an hour and the flies are gone... one lemon and a heap of cloves.... highly recommend.’

To make the repellent, Niecy starts by cutting the very ends of the lemon off - just a centimetre, so that the lemon will sit still when it’s cut in half.

She then cuts the lemon in half and places each half into a small saucer. Niecy then pokes around 20 cloves - pointy end down - into the flesh of the lemon and puts a few extra on top, so the whole top is covered with cloves.

‘The cloves have a pleasant smell, and I’m assuming that’s what keeps the flies away,’ she says.

Niecy says the lemon repellent is effective for around six days, and she just gives the lemon a small squeeze each day to keep it juicy.

Adds Niecy: ‘If it's not working just add more [cloves]. They were particularly thick this afternoon so I just added more of them.’