Kiwi man accidentally buys 1000 hens from Trademe

Must See 05/11/2019

A Waikato man has made a bit of an 'oopsie' while bidding on a Trademe auction.

The man, named Steve, put a bid of $1.50 on an "urgent" Trademe sale for chickens. He obviously didn't quite read the auction description properly as he thought he was just bidding for one laying hen.

But when he won the auction at 11am on Sunday, he was told by the seller, Matthew Blomfield, that he had in fact bought 1000 birds.

The Trademe ad read "As a matter of urgency we need to move approximately 1000 hens."

The seller had a small free-range egg farm and was closing down - needing to re-home its chickens.

"When the auction closed, I thought 'this is great', I could take as many birds as I wanted," Steve told Stuff. "But when I spoke to the man and he said it was for 1000 hens ... holy moly, I was stunned, I can tell you that."

Steve said the wording of the ad was "confusing," but the seller, Matthew Blomfield, didn't agree. He told Stuff he thought the ad, which mentioned 1000 hens three times, was clear. 

"It's pretty bloody hard to get that wrong," he said.

Now Steve, the owner of a 1000 hens, is trying to find homes for the birds.

After he posted about the incident on social media, at least 700 of the hens reportedly have new homes lined up. He is keeping 20 himself.