Kiwi fisherman's inspirational mental health message goes viral around the world

Must See 12/11/2019

A Kiwi fisherman's succinct yet effective message about mental health has captured hearts worldwide with hundreds of people commenting their appreciation for his powerful analogy.

The fisherman, named Clay, uploaded the 57-second Instagram video to his YouTube channel 'Clay Tall Stories' on Saturday.

The short but sweet clips shows Clay out on his fishing boat after catching his "very first snapper for the season".

"I'm on my little boat here, and I was just thinking that if my little 3.3 Mercury broke down out here, what would I do if the wind was blowing me out to sea?" he said to the camera.

"Well, I'd probably put my ego aside and tell one of my mates on the telephone, 'Hi, I've broken down. Can you come and pick me up?' or if I was way out at sea and it was too hard to paddle back into shore, I'd probably ring up the Coastguard."

"The same thing applies to you," he said. 

"If you have a breakdown, like a mental breakdown, your head breaks down - because that bit of jelly between your ears occasionally, just like a motor on a boat, can break down."

"So put your ego aside if you're going through a hard patch and you've had a breakdown, and call someone. Call someone, say, 'Hey man, I've had a breakdown and I need help'.

"That way you'll be sweet as, bro. And good luck with your fishing. Be good, and if you can't be good, be careful."