Kiwi creates epic 'Godzilla' shaped Christmas tree

Must See 22/11/2019

A Rotorua man is proving Christmas trees can be far more creative than strings of baubles and tinsel.

Steven Newland has listed 'Treezilla', his home-made Godzilla Christmas tree, on Trade Me. It comes with fearsome plastic teeth, paper claws and a festive touch of fiery breath - courtesy of its internal fog machine.

At 1.8 metres tall, Treezilla requires a stand to stay upright and is unable to roam freely without the help of "a few people". 

Clad in a cheery Santa hat and multi-coloured lights, Treezilla is constructed from four Christmas trees, 10 metres of chicken wire and green mesh.

The festive monster has already attracted the attention of one prospective owner, who has met the reserve of $250, meaning Treezilla will soon find a new forever home. 

Its smokey breath is operated by a remote-control fog machine and comes with spare fog machine fluid.

Newland posted an update to his listing to say he will donate the difference of any further bids to Kids Canteen. He is planning to make another unique tree this year.

And when Treezilla isn't serving its decorative purpose, Newland has found another great use for his creation.

"Remove the Christmas hat and it's an all-year-round security system," he wrote.

The perfect way for Christmas grinches to ease into the holiday spirit.