Husband surprises Christmas-loving wife with epic, giant decorated tree in lounge

Must See 11/11/2019

Christmas lovers online have been calling one husband the 'husband-of-the-year' after her surprised his Christmas-obsessed wife with a massive, fully-decorated Christmas tree in their lounge.

Sharing his wife's reaction of Facebook, the photo quickly gained hundreds and thousands of reactions, comments and shares.

"This was her real reaction. Actually, this was after tears, and after literally jumping up and down." the husband wrote on Facebook.

You see, she loves Christmas more than anyone over 12 I know.

"She loves ALL of it" he continued.

"The Hallmark movies, the decorating, the gift giving, family, the meaning ... ALL of it."

"For years, I resisted.. digging my heels in, insisting “no decorations until after Thanksgiving.” This year I surprised her with this. And by her reaction, my only disappointment is that I didn’t do this years ago."

"Heck, if it makes someone I love this much, this happy, it can stay up all year as far as I’m concerned."