Husband and wife named oldest living couple after 80 years of marriage

Must See 11/11/2019

After 80 years of marriage, and a combined age of 211, John and Charlotte of Austin, Texas have been crowned the oldest living couple on Earth.

John is 106 and Charlotte is 105. They married during The Great Depression in 1939, five years after they first met at University.

Photo credit: Longhorn Village Retirement Community

The couple are both happy and healthy, with them moving into a retirement village ten years ago to enjoy their time together while being surrounded by a great community.

After their Guiness World Record, John revealed their secret for their long-lasting marriage and life: “Living in moderation,” John Henderson said. “We never overdo anything. Eat well. Sleep well. Don’t overdrink. Don’t overeat. And exercise regularly.”

Congratulations! What an amazing achievement.

Photo credit: Longhorn Village Retirement Community