How to turn 12 days of annual leave into a whole month off in 2020

Must See 19/11/2019

We know that it's pretty much summertime, but already we are planning our days off for next year!

Here are the dates to take off in 2020 to maximise your annual leave and get the most days off as possible!

You've probably already got this one sorted out - but taking 4 days off on December 27, 30 and 31 (2019), and January 3 (2020) will give you 12 days off over the Christmas period.

With Waitangi Day falling on Thursday next year, taking Friday the 7th of Feb off will give you 4 days in a row off.

Easter falls on the weekend of the 10th of April in 2020, so taking between the 14th and 17th off will give you 10 days off in a row.

Queen's Birthday is on Monday the 1st of June, so take the Friday before off or the following Tuesday and get a super long weekend. The same deal applies for Labour day on October 26th.

And the pretty much brings us back to Christmas! Take 29th, 30th and 31st of December 2020 off to get 10 days off in a row.

On top of those dates, don't forget about your regional anniversary dates... Check them out below!

  • Auckland: Monday, January 27
  • Buller: Monday, February 3
  • Canterbury: Friday, November 13
  • Canterbury (South): Monday, September 28
  • Chatham Islands: Monday, November 30
  • Hawke's Bay: Friday, October 23
  • Marlborough: Monday, November 2
  • Nelson: Monday, February 3
  • Northland: Monday, January 27
  • Otago: Monday, March 23
  • Southland: Tuesday, April 14
  • Taranaki: Monday, March 9
  • Wellington: Monday, January 20
  • Westland: Monday, November 30

All of that added up equals over a month off by just using 12 days annual leave!