Grandmother still uses her first ever Christmas tree from 1937

Christmas 29/11/2019

A Welsh woman is keeping the family Christmas tradtions well and truly alive with the help of her decade old Christmas tree.

More than 80 years ago the tree was bought, and to this day it is erected each year - still featuring the original fairy tree topper and two of the original baubles.

The tree is unique in not only the fact it's seen a lot, but it is also made of dyed green goose feathers!

The original fairy is made from Celluloid, a plastic no longer widely used as it's highly flammable.

"It has been up every single year since I was born," said Wilma, who is also a great-grandmother.

"When I was a child and we lived in Barry (south Wales) we had the tree on an old-fashioned dresser and I always remember uncles or cousins coming over and they would knock it over and I would get so cross." the woman told Wales Online.

"We weren't in a position to afford lots of decorations or even any baubles. My mother would even give me her old clip-on earrings to put on the tree.

"During the war there wasn't much money to spend on things like Christmas decorations so I would spend hours making little paper chains."

Wilma, who grew up in Barry, says the tree carries a sentimental value which prompts her to look back on her life.

Now 82, the the mum-of-two has no plans to replace it.