GoFundMe for Koalas affected by horrific Australian bush fires hits over $300,000

Must See 13/11/2019

Currently over the ditch in Australia, the state of NSW is under serious threat as bush fires continue to engulf much of the region.

The fires have claimed three lives and destroyed hundreds of homes and sheds and a countless number of wildlife have lost their homes, been burnt or have died as a result of the blazes.

Kiwi firefighters have been sent over to Australia to help contain the fires.

To help those affected by the wild fires, including the firefighters, other emergency services and those who have lost their homes, possessions and lives, GoFundMe fundraisers have been set up.

But one GoFundMe has stood out more so than the others.

A fundraiser dedicated to helping the Koalas has soared to over $300,000 in donations (at the time of writing).

The fundraiser says that the 'money raised will be used to distribute the drinking stations in the fire affected region. If enough money is raised, it will distribute to other significant koala habitat areas across the State.'

The fundraiser stresses that water is essential for the koalas to survive. So far hundreds of koalas have tragically died.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital clinical director Cheyne Flanagansaid: "The fires are at such a high intensity, we're not finding any bodies. They're completely incinerated to ash."

"I don't know if the koala population will ever recover, there's still three months of summer still to go."

You can donate here.